One of the biggest gems that we have found in life is having a satin comforter. No, not thin satin sheets, a thick puffy satin comforter! If you own one, good for you! If you don't own one, buy one! It's very much worth the money because if you're really a satin lover, you'll get a total kick out of wrapping yourself up naked inside a silky smooth satin cocoon. It's the most luxurious, insatiable, erotic feeling you will ever experience in your life! And when the satin is new, you get that new satin smell that will completely drive you up the wall! Every inch of your body is surrounded and touching the smoothest, silkiest fabric you can ever imagine! Wrapping yourself in thin satin or silk sheets just does NOT feel the same. You need the puffiness of a comforter to get the full effect.

You won the lottery and decided to blanket your entire house in satin? We're talking everything in your entire household wrapped in satin fabric. Would that be an absolute dream for you, or way overkill? Do you think you'd then lose your love for satin?


This site is dedicated to satin fetishism. We love the look of satin and how it shines. Tight satin is our favorite. If you can't get enough of looking at satin, we have a gorgeous picture and video gallery of satin! Get high quality satin pics from our amazingly hot photo shoots! Enjoy satin videos of tightly wrapped cocooned girls wiggle and writhe in their silky tombs! This isn't your ordinary satin fetish website. Here you get satin mixed with a hint of kink and a touch of peril that you will not find anywhere else! Here, we go above and beyond the delicious satin panties and dive into satin everything in finite details. Enjoy mouth-watering images of tight satin lingerie wrapped around gorgeous female bodies as it captures every voluptuous curve! Every ripple and color gradient of the satin fabric is so detailed in our photos that you can almost smell the aroma of satin. True satin enthusiasts will know exactly what we are talking about!



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Hello all you silky satin fans out there! We know why you're here! You absolutely love the look, feel, and smell of silky smooth satin clothing, bedding, sheets, and anything wrapped in it! You're obsessed with finding the perfect satin pictures and videos that could get you wet just looking at it. Forget all those boring satin sites with the models just posing in their silk lingerie. What's the fun in that? What you want is the pure sexiness of a sea of satin everywhere. You want to be surrounded completely by satin! Imagine yourself naked in an entire room plastered with smooth satin fabric draped along the walls and all the furniture covered and wrapped tightly with satin. Everything you touch is has the silky smooth fabric. You can even feel how cool and smooth it feels under your bare feet as you walk and slide across the wonderfully smooth cool surface.

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So you can't wait to feast your eyes on the sexiest satin pics and videos out there? Do you long to see extremely tight satin wrapped around a gorgeous model's body? Are you anxiously waiting to see the models wiggling away in silky smooth satin cocoons?

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